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I get motion sickness on anything that moves. It's ridiculous really, I can can get sick driving around town as a passenger in a car!  So when I was planning my trip to Europe, I was nervous because I knew there was going to be several times I would be getting motion sick. And then someone told me about the ReliefBand. Oh. My. Gosh. This thing works!!! It sends these little shock waves(no it doesn't hurt) to your brain to get rid of the nauseousness. It has settings so you can turn it up if you start feeling sick. I put the band on before an activity I would normally get sick and I felt NOTHING! I did every mode of transportation on this trip: planes (that had turbulence), cars (Europe drivers take turns quickly and drive fast...not exactly a smooth ride), big and little busses (on curvy roads), trains (I even sat backwards!), and boats! I never felt nauseous once. NOT ONCE! It sure isn't a fashion statement, but if you have ever gotten motion sickness you would pick this over that feeling any day. Seriously, best thing I have ever bought. I just had to share. Hopefully it can help someone else out there! #reliefband #notnauseous #nomoremotionsicknessforme

Larissa D

I have been using this for years and so has my 13 year old son I PROMISE You this works !!! This is not a gimmick. I first bought it for a 10 day cruise and I had no problem at all, I couldn't believe it. Both my son and I struggle with awful motion sickness. a gal in our office was really struggling with morning sickness she tried it and it helped relieve her nausea. This is the real deal I promise…

Shellene C

The Relief Band has been a dream saver! My son has dreamed of being an airline pilot since he was very young. For his 16th birthday, we took him for his first flight lesson and started him on the Private Pilot lesson track. The first flight was very smooth and was fine... but subsequent flights had more turbulence and he got airsick (throwing up) each time... he was crushed! He thought his dream was done! I started doing some research and found the relief band and after reading up and researching the product I ordered one immediately. We are 20+ hours of flight training later and he has NOT been airsick at all since! He uses the relief band on the "3" setting when the flight is normal....and bumps it to a "4" when it is really bumpy. My kid's dream is still alive today because of the relief band.... I can't thank you enough for this product!

Mike R

ReliefBand has changed my life!

I recently purchased a Reliefband in the hopes of alleviating the motion sickness I experienced every time I fly on an airplane.  I fly frequently to Europe.  I purchased your product and shortly thereafter had another 8-hour flight abroad.  What a difference!  I can say, without hesitation, Reliefband has changed my life!  Reliefband ...worked, and worked well enough that I could eat!


I've always told my friends that I could do a testimonial for Reliefbands. Before Reliefbands I could not fly without vomiting which was miserable for me and everyone around me. I now fly with absolutely no problem...thanks for such a fantastic product.

Sue B

This product is a life-saver, for me!!!

I purchased the Reliefband, around January of this year. Before that, for most of my childhood, and adult life (I'm 22 years old.) I had suffered from severe motion sickness, when getting into a car. When I wasn't driving, I could last maybe 5-10 minutes, before turning totally green...

I've tried every medication under the sun. Some of those would combat the feeling greatly. Although, my energy would suffer. I even went as far as heading to my local ear, nose, and throat doctor...

Right out of the gate. Before being told about any medications, the staff directed me to the Reliefband. Of course, at first, I was skeptical... Now, though? This product is a life-saver, for me!!!

David L.

I experience pretty extreme simulation sickness from playing video games. I am an avid gameplayer but can only play many games in short bursts as I start to become dizzy, sick to my stomach, and usually end up in the bathroom. These symptoms can last for hours after stopping a game... I decided to try this, and I can honestly say that this works!! I can actually play for an hour or more without any problems. If there are days when I get bored and want to binge on a game for a while, I now can because of Reliefband.. Also movies that have fast action scenes can cause me to get the motion sickness symptoms, but this helps with that as well. I LOVE this Reliefband! I recommend it to anyone with simulation or motion sickness This has been a life saver for me since I was about to give up gaming altogether.

Ashley Y

My niece got pregnant last fall and had terrible morning sickness that never went away throughout her entire pregnancy. I lent her my ReliefBand and she wore it almost every single day for the past eight months and it helped her tremendously! Thank you for helping her enjoy this most wonderful time of her life!

Maria S

they work! I swear by them even if you are already sick, it will get rid of the sickness.

Marcia D

I can say I was a skeptic about this product. That's why it took me awhile to order it. Thankfully I did it really works for me. I've told my friends about it , I’m happy with it thank you so much for giving my life back. I won't go anywhere without it especially to amusement parks

Lori Ann

I would recommend this to everyone! It works awesome! I've never felt better flying and traveling in the car! It's a must have for anyone with motion sickness. I absolutely love it!

Deanne S

Trust me when I say this...It really works and is worth every penny. These are nothing like the cheap wrist sea bands bought in drug stores...

Diane C

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