Tips for effective use

  • While still on the wrist, turn Reliefband® off periodically to determine if you still have nausea and vomiting symptoms. If you still have symptoms, then turn it back on immediately.
  • When finished using Reliefband®, take it off your wrist and remove the gel from your wrist and the device with a tissue.
  • Try Reliefband® on each wrist and use it on the wrist where the greatest tingling is felt at the lowest setting.
  • For some people, applying and rubbing in the gel twice assists in nerve stimulation.
  • Reliefband® Gel should be re-applied every 2-3 hours, any time after washing, or if stimulation decreases.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then wipe the band, contacts, and skin around wrist with a clean, damp wipe (no soap or cleanser) before reapplying gel.
  • Store Reliefband® in a safe, dry place. Keep it away from young children.
  • When not using Reliefband®, be sure to turn the power off to extend battery life.
  • You can apply extra gel if the tingle feels too strong on level 1.