In 1990, Stanford physical therapist, Larry Bertolucci, invented the first non-invasive, anti-nausea wearable device using neuromodulation. Using the same technology, the patented and clinically proven Reliefband® device was released for clinical use and more than 150 hospitals started using this drug- and side-effect-free nausea solution. 

In 2015, Reliefband® became widely available to consumers through our first over-the-counter product, Reliefband® Classic. Since that time, we have continued to innovate, expanding our product assortment to include several new SKUs which aim to meet the lifestyle needs of consumers, all using the same safe, reliable, and patented technology.  

Reliefband® is now a global leader in wearable technology. Endorsed by the medical community, our devices have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people suffering from nausea over the past 30 years. We continue to conduct clinical trials, expanding the indications for which our products treat, and create new products that seamlessly fit into modern day life.