Mike R

The Relief Band has been a dream saver! My son has dreamed of being an airline pilot since he was very young. For his 16th birthday, we took him for his first flight lesson and started him on the Private Pilot lesson track. The first flight was very smooth and was fine... but subsequent flights had more turbulence and he got airsick (throwing up) each time... he was crushed! He thought his dream was done! I started doing some research and found the relief band and after reading up and researching the product I ordered one immediately. We are 20+ hours of flight training later and he has NOT been airsick at all since! He uses the relief band on the "3" setting when the flight is normal....and bumps it to a "4" when it is really bumpy. My kid's dream is still alive today because of the relief band.... I can't thank you enough for this product!

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