Referral Program Terms And Conditions

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  1. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the Referral Program by Reliefband Technologies LLC (Company). Any person or company enrolled in this promotion is subject to and agrees to these terms and conditions.
  2. Reliefband Technologies agrees to appoint the person or business as a Referral Program Affiliate (RPA) for the Reliefband product assortment in the United States of America and its territories. For such appointment, the person or business will furnish Reliefband Technologies LLC with requested information including Form W-9. Furthermore, the person or company is in acceptance of such appointment. Appointment shall occur when they receive their unique promotional code supplied by the company which thereby recognizes the person or business as a RPA.
  3. The person or business will be solely responsible to ensure participation in this program meets with the approval of the person or business’ own organization’s policies, procedures and regulations. The Company shall have no obligation with respect to the person or business’ employment with the person or business’ organization or with Reliefband Technologies LLC. The  person or business should check with the appropriate individuals within their own organization before enrolling. 
  4. At all times during the Engagement Period the relationship between the Company and RPA shall be one of independent contractor only, and nothing set forth in these terms and conditions shall operate or be construed to operate to constitute, create, or give effect to any sort of joint venture, partnership, agency, fiduciary, employment or other sort of relationship of any kind or nature whatsoever. RPA is not authorized, and has no authority, to bind the Company to any contract, obligation, guarantee, pledge, warranty or representation.
  5. The Company and RPA shall each be solely responsible for its own compliance with all government laws, rules and regulations. All expenses incurred by RPA in the performance of its duties hereunder shall be paid by RPA and the Company shall have no obligation for reimbursement. Compensation will be earned on a commission structure:
    • Commission is earned based on the below structure:
      • $5 for every Reliefband 50 Hour (50HRS)  the consumer purchases using RPA specific discount code
      • $10 for every Reliefband Flex (RBFLEX) the consumer purchases using RPA specific discount code
      • $15 for every Reliefband Sport (RBSPT-G/B) the consumer purchases using RPA specific discount code
      • $20 for every Reliefband Premier (RBCHARCOAL/RBBLUE) the consumer purchases using RPA specific discount code
  1. Compensation including commission payments due to the RPA shall include all orders using the RPA’s specific discount code within the territory assigned. All compensation shall be computed based on the net total Reliefband 50 Hour, Reliefband Flex, Reliefband Sport, or Reliefband Premier units paid for by the customer to the Company. All compensation payments to the RPA shall be made in US currency and the RPA shall also be solely responsible for payment of RPA’s own benefits, social security taxes, employment taxes and any similar taxes, and worker’s compensation, disability and other insurance, and the withholding or deduction, if any, of such items to the extent required by applicable law. The compensation shall be earned quarterly and an electronic payment will be processed approximately 15 days after the quarter ends less any credit amount provided by return merchandise authorization (RMA) to the purchaser occurring for credit due to warranty, guarantee or other reasons.
  2. A quarterly earnings statement may be made available to the RPA from the Company, which will be inclusive of any and all compensation earned by the RPA during the course of this program. With the Company’s prior approval, the RPA will be allowed to review the Company’s discount code reconciliation to verify all earnings. This review will be at the expense of the RPA and shall not occur more than once in any given twelve-month period and requires a 30-day notification requesting such review.
  3. RPA shall use reasonable efforts to promote and market the product to Clients and potential Clients in order to maximize sale of the products during the Sales Agency Term. The RPA may provide consumer the specific RPA discount code through direct communications including face-to-face, email, printed documents. The RPA will not promote specific RPA discount code online, through the internet, website or discount code services.
  4. The RPA will have no authority to offer additional discounts or any other pricing other than the pricing and specific RPA discount code provided by the Company. The RPA will not allow a customer, or the RPA themselves, to purchase device units in bulk for redistribution and/or sale using other sales channels outside of the consumers direct purchase from the RPA. Additionally, the Company may change pricing, delivery costs, terms and conditions, or delivery schedules at any time without notice to the RPA.
  5. All orders are subject to acceptance by the Company. The RPA will have no authority to make acceptance or delivery promises to customers.
  6. The RPA will be responsible to offer the RPA specific discount code to their clients for their online purchase of Reliefband 50 Hour, Reliefband Flex, Reliefband Sport, or Reliefband Premier only through the Company website: The RPA may, at their own expense, deploy advertising or sponsorship campaigns in the assigned territory. Any promotion of the product that is beyond the claim structure as provided within the product label is forbidden.
  7. Any product quality or safety complaints will be immediately directed to the Company for their evaluation.
  8. The RPA shall not under any circumstances make any misleading, false or disparaging representations regarding the products or Company.
  9. The Company will provide periodic product training for the RPA as deemed necessary which will require RPA attendance. The Company may provide the RPA with marketing material information concerning the products. The Company shall provide delivery based on commitments to the best of its ability at all times.
  10. The RPA shall have rights to represent the products within the designated territory including those products under trademark, copyright, or trade name of the Company. The RPA will under no condition remove or alter any trademarks listed on the product by the Company.
  11. The RPA understands they may gain knowledge of certain confidential information or materials that are of high value to the Company. Information of high value may not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances during the RPA. All information marked confidential by the Company will remain as so unless prior written consent from the Company has been obtained.
  12. It is and will remain the Company’s sole responsibility to develop, design, and produce all of its products as well as all patents and trade names owned by the Company. The Company will indemnify the RPA with regard to any and all costs arising from warranty claims, product liability claims, or negligence claims. If the RPA shall receive any notices with regard to any proceedings occurring from the above instances such notices shall be delivered to the Company and the Company shall defend any such litigation.
  13. This RPA program shall remain in full force unless terminated by the Company and the Company may terminate this program for any reason at any time. The Company will pay RPA any outstanding compensation earned prior to the termination of the program.
  14. Any and all notifications with regard to this RPA program shall be delivered in person or via certified letter to the following address.

Reliefband Technologies LLC
Attention: President
300 Welsh Road
Building 1, Suite 100
Horsham, PA 19044

  1. RPA may not transfer or assign their authorization or specific discount code without prior written consent from the Company.
  2. RPA agrees to comply with all governmental laws and regulations applicable to Reliefband Technologies LLC.
  3. The Terms will be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware without reference to conflict of law principles. All disputes arising out of or related to it, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and furthermore both parties agree to seek mediation prior to making any legal actions.
  4. The RPA understands and agrees the Company is the rightful owner of any and all titles, rights, interest, and products included.
  5. The Company may change the terms and conditions of this program at any time.
  6. By clicking the acceptance button, you agree to and will abide by the terms and conditions as a Referral Program Affiliate.

Form W-9 (Rev. October 2018)

Commission Payout Schedule


Approximate Payout Date

January - March

April 15th

April - June

July 15th

July - September

October 15th

October - December

January 15th