Janis N

I was hesitant. Bought it and it is amazing! Just flew to Hawaii and back with ZERO motion sickness. I usually get so dizzy when I fly...felt great! My daughter wore it on a rough boat ride on the ...

Deanne S

This is the best thing I have ever used in my life for motion sickness!! Just flew from California, and never felt better! I would recommend this to everyone!

Barbara R

This little machine is a life changer. Have two of them now. Can't go without it.

Cathy F

I have used a reliefband for many years for vertigo & motion sickness. It is the only thing that I use because it works without using medications. I have to use it when I travel or I would neve...

Sheila S

I have used one of these on every trip I have taken, for many years. I wouldn't leave home without it. It saves me from motion sickness like nothing else has.

Shellene C

I have this for years and can't begin to imagine my life or my sons without it! we both deal with extreme motion sickness and this TRULY WORKS! I went on a 10 day cruise and made it through the who...

Rich H

Works great! Was taking flying lessons and my flight instructor told me about this, it worked great! Now I have my license!

Carrie J

I was so sick during my first pregnancy that I got down to 85 pounds and was hospitalized twice. I used this my second pregnancy and only threw up once, and not a single time my third pregnancy! 14...

Andrea H

This is the best thing ever. It has literally changed my life. I could not travel as a passenger in any car or in a plane or ship anywhere without extreme nausea. I really could not travel at all t...

Linda T

I have used one for many years now. Can't fly, cruise without it.  I no longer need any medication. This band is great for me.

Sherrie M

I always wear mine when I cruise and it's a lifesaver for sure! I'd be so sick without it! The best part is there are no side effects. I love mine and it was worth every penny I paid for it!

Beverly S

I absolutely LOVE mine! It's been a life saver for me on many occasions! I have a pretty severe case of motion sickness and it is an amazing RELIEF for me.