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You’re Pregnant! Now What?

You’re Pregnant! Now What?

You’re pregnant! After you calm down a bit, what are the first five things you’ll want to do?

You’ll definitely want to calculate baby’s due date. has a calculator that lets you figure out the due date based on individual factors that may apply to you, such as:

  • first day of last period
  • date and age of embryo transfer
  • date of insemination
  • date of ovulation

The calculator not only tells you the due date, it also tells you a lot of other info you didn’t know you wanted, including when you’ll be able to hear baby’s heartbeat, the best timeframe for an ultrasound, or when to get screened for GBS colonization. And that’s the short list.

Take pictures and start documenting your pregnancy as soon as you get the news. Years from now, you’ll get to relive these days, and the memories will be sweet. And what a nice thing to share with “baby” when he or she finds out your grandchild is on the way.

Find a healthcare provider to go through this journey with you. Choose someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. You will be sharing your joy and your fears with this person, so interview until you know you’re in the right office.

Your bank account is going to get a dent in it, so start planning on how to pay for the pregnancy. lays it out for you—most of the financial pain will be absorbed by health insurance, but not all of it. Plus, you have a say in what the hospital or healthcare provider wants to do. Ask questions and make decisions based on what’s best for your pregnancy.

Start dreaming and have fun. Choosing and discarding baby names is a fun part of pregnancy. Looking at houses or bigger apartments may be part of the dream—it might not happen right away, but someday, for sure! Imagine what he or she will look like, and all the things you want to do with your child during the different ages of his or her life. Shop for little outfits after work, and in the evenings, find space for a nursery and make it cozy.

Enjoy every moment that comes with being pregnant!


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