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Wearable Tech For The Holidays

Wearable Tech For The Holidays

Wearable technology is exploding in creativity and usefulness! This round-up of products is just a glimpse at what’s happening in the field.



Personal Safety

Keeping ourselves and those we care about safe and sound is a big deal. Wearsafe is a small button you can clip to a piece of clothing or slip in a pocket. Once the button is pressed, friends are alerted to what’s happening with you, and your coordinates are shared. There’s a small monthly fee for the service.

The Allen Band helps loved ones and caregivers of seniors monitor heart rates, body temperatures, movement, and more. If it works as advertised, it will bring peace of mind to families. No monthly fee.

Revolar is similar to Wearsafe. Although it may not have as many features, it also does not have a monthly service fee. Do the research in the area of personal safety wearables to find the product that works for your needs.


AngelSense helps parents track their kids who have special needs. It provides nearly constant GPS tracking and parents can hear what’s going on around the child, if necessary. There is a monthly fee for this service.

Pocketfinder helps track kids, at-risk seniors , pets, even teen drivers. It also acts as an alert when the wearer feels himself to be in danger. A bonus to this device is that it works internationally, making it an ideal travel companion. There is a monthly fee.

RevolutionaryTracker is a new product which can be worn on a pet’s collar, around a child’s wrist, or in the pocket of an at-risk senior. Calls can be made by the wearer or someone calling the wearer, and there is an SOS button and safety zone features. There is a monthly service fee.


HealthPatch MD tracks vitals such as heart rate, respiration, body posture and it even knows if you’ve fallen down. There are two components – a resuable sensor module and a disposable patch.

OrCam MyEye attaches to the arm of a pair of eyeglasses and helps the wearer identify individuals in front of them, as well as converts text to spoken word, allowing the wearer to “read” menus, street signs, or whatever it is they’re looking at.

Reliefband is worn around the wrist to control the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness or morning sickness. It has adjustable settings to fit your individual needs and acts without drugs, and equally important, without delay.

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