VR – Not Just For Games

VR – Not Just For Games

Virtual Reality (VR) is tops with gamers, but it’s also used in ways unimagined just a few short years ago.

VR simulations in the military enhance the training one goes through to become a medic or a pilot, a tank driver or even a combatant.

Businesses use VR simulations to improve skillsets such as machine operation, sales, or understanding and use of a product.

Teachers find the world of Virtual Reality to be a boon to the translation of concepts, and it’s just a fun way to learn. Who doesn’t want to interact with whales during fifth period?

But, VR-related nausea can put the kibosh on the excitement and benefit of experiencing the world through Virtual Reality.

Reliefband® offers a quick, natural way to treat the symptoms of nausea, retching, and vomiting sometimes associated with motion sickness from playing or training in the virtual world.

So go, have fun in VR—jump out of airplanes, swim with turtles, or float in space. Do it all and bonus, no puking!

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