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Motion Sickness – Be Prepared!

Motion Sickness – Be Prepared!

When you hear the words “motion sickness,” what scenario comes to mind?

Maybe for you, it’s riding in the backseat of a car and getting that nauseous feeling. Oh, and don’t forget the cold sweat blooming all over.

Or it’s sitting in a boat at anchor, the constant waves making it roll back and forth. The dizziness and nausea send you running for the head. Leaning over the rails might be easier, although you’ve got to watch out for that constant boat motion, as you can wind up in the water if you happen to lean at the wrong time.

For some people, it’s trains. If you’ve ridden on a train, you know they can move around almost as much as a boat. They sway, and jiggle, and rock side to side. It’s the swaying and rocking that invite nausea. As with any motion sickness, once the nausea starts, vomiting is always a possibility.

There are barf bags on passenger jets for a reason. They’re for the unfortunate fliers who don’t even need turbulence to feel nauseated once wheels are up.

When weather conditions are just right and visibility is limited, downhill skiers also can experience dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting.

Hopefully, if you do suffer from motion sickness, then you only do so in one of the above-mentioned scenarios. However, if you’re like many who suffer with motion sickness, then you’ve never met a form of transportation (even skis) that does not invite nausea.

But take heart, it’s not hopeless!

You know your triggers, and you can be prepared. Slip on a Reliefband—go live your life.

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