Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season. Shopping season, that is.

Choosing just the thing for this nephew or that in-law is tough. Nobody wants to throw money away on gifts that aren’t appreciated.

We’re wandering down the tech aisle this year because who doesn’t love tech? Gadgets and wearables and smart everything, oh my!

The FLUX Led Light & Power Bank will give you days of mega light at a campsite or anywhere else, and charge your phones at the same time. This thing is awesome and going on our list.

It’s drone time, don’t you think? Seems like they’re all over the place. We love the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. It captures images you only dream of, and the controller is a thing of beauty with a built-in screen. Pardon our drool.

The Stellarscope allows you to dial in your location and look to the stars, which are charted out for you. Great gift for the budding scientist in your family. And bonus, you get to use it, too.

Wireless sound. Not earbuds – maybe they’re called cheekbuds? Trekz Air uses “bone conduction technology” to give you the sound you want without sticking uncomfortable plastic bits in your ear. They wrap around the back of your head/neck and rest on your cheekbones. We have got to try these!

The constellation of products under the Amazon Echo umbrella allow you to set up your home in pretty smart fashion. You can ask Alexa to adjust the heat if you’re a bit cool, turn on the bedside lamp when you’re headed that way, get the coffee going when you actually wake up and not when you were supposed to get up, play games with you, or do loads of other helpful things. We want one, or possibly nine.

Do you know a pregnant someone who is hugging the toilet throughout the day? Does your SO get all clammy and hang his head out of the car window as soon as the wheels leave the driveway? Reliefband® controls the nasty symptoms of morning and motion sickness. It slips on the wrist and, with the touch of a button, sends a signal to the part of the brain that controls nausea, retching, and vomiting. Wearable tech everybody loves!

There you go, shopping solved. What’s on your tech list this year?

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