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Reliefband® is clinically proven, FDA Cleared wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness.

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Without Drugs, Without Delay

Reliefband works within minutes, without the side effects or drug interactions of medications.

Start Feeling Better Immediately

Clinically Proven – Doctor Recommended

Just slip it on your wrist, adjust the intensity to suit your individual needs and within minutes you’ll be feeling better.

“It Really Does Work”

“Reliefband has made a huge difference as now it is easier to play with my three children and do other things around the house. I am happy that I am not taking any drugs and I’ve been telling everyone about how well it worked for me.”

AJ, Kansas City, KS

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How Reliefband Works

Reliefband is an FDA cleared wearable that uses clinically proven technology called neuromodulation to treat morning sickness. The technology was developed for use in hospitals and uses the body’s own natural neural pathways to “turn off” nausea.

Watch our 60 second video and see exactly how Reliefband works without drugs and without delay.

  1. The Reliefband® delivers gentle pulses to the median nerve at the P6 presure point  located on the underside of the wrist.
  2. These pulses signal the “nausea control center” of the brain.1
  3. There the signals modulate the neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, via the vagus nerve, restoring normal gastric rhythm and relieving nausea.2, 3



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