Fast Relief from

Motion Sickness

Fast Relief from

Morning Sickness

Take Control of Morning Sickness

Without Drugs, Without Delay

Reliefband® is clinically proven, FDA Cleared wearable technology for the treatment of morning sickness.

Just slip it on your wrist, adjust the intensity to suit your individual needs and within minutes you’ll be feeling yourself again.

Safe For Mom And Baby

Recommended by doctors, Reliefband works without drugs and uses the body’s natural processes to control nausea without the side effects or drug interactions of medications.


Quickly Back In Control

Worn on the underside of your wrist, gentle pulses re-balance the signals that cause nausea and vomiting so you’re back in control of your body within a few minutes.


In Tune With Your Body

Comfortable, adjustable and easy to use, Reliefband comes with five different settings so you can adjust it precisely to your body’s needs.


What People Are Saying About Reliefband.

“Reliefband has made a huge difference as now it is easier to play with my three children and do other things around the house. I am happy that I am not taking any drugs and I’ve been telling everyone about how well it worked for me.”

A.J., Kansas City, KS

Morning Sickness Affects Up To 80% Of All Expectant Mothers.1

Episodes can occur at any time; morning, day or night.2 In fact, up to 40% of pregnant women continue to have symptoms into their 2nd trimester, and up to 20% throughout their entire pregnancy.3

Morning sickness can have a profound impact on your professional life, general sense of well-being, and your day to day activities with your family.

Start Feeling Better In Moments

Clinically Proven, Doctor Recommended

Doctors have been using Reliefband’s technology for many years to treat the nausea and vomiting that occurs in the clinical setting in hospitals.

Reliefband devices have been subject to the rigors of numerous clinical trials and regulatory authorities and approved by moms everywhere.

Worn on the underside of your wrist, the gentle pulses re-balance the signals that cause nausea and vomiting so you’re back in control of your body within a few minutes.



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